• 08 Apr New Items arrived New Items arrived
    Welcome to our online store Fox Fetish. If you have recently joined us or entered for the first time, then you will be particularly interested in the new entries of December 2016. All new items are already available for purchase in the store , photos of new BDSM furniture below, enjoy:
    • Стул для золотого дождя
    • Шест с фиксаторами БДСМ
    • Девченки
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    • Стул для порки
    • Постамент с колодками
    • Пъедестал с колодками для рук и головы
  • 08 Apr About spanking devices About spanking devices
    Flagellation and spanking are the main BDSM constituents; they have vast range of action - starting from light stroking with flogger and up to bashing with whip or punishment. BDSM, as SM, is not limited by spanking alone, there many other actions. But, it is hard to imagine BDSM relationships without specific fetish armory of spanking tools. Such devices are different not only in appearance, but in the type of action, they can be of three types - hard, flexible and manoeuvrable. Hard devices are made preferably from wood, plastic and stiff leather. These devices include paddles, spanking rackets and others. They are designed for rough and short-term impact on large body areas, mainly on glutes. Manoeuvrable devices include spanking gear manufactured mostly from natural soft leather, equipped with hard handle with moving soft tail. More ofter they are floggers, stacks, various whips and rods. Such devices are designed for long soft impacts on practically all areas. Flexible spanking tools are elastic bodies which always come back to original position. They are predominantly crops, rods or stacks. They are made both from natural and synthetic materials, often fitted with handle. These devises are designed for sharp actions of various intensity. Regardless of their purpose, all devices interacting with human body have to comply with appropriate requirements of quality, reliability and safety. Primarily, when choosing a device, you should pay attention to its comfort. If a device is fitted with handle, it should not be smooth to avoid its slipping out of arms and injuring a partner, a stopper is desired. The handle diameter has to be convenient to wrap it entirely. It should be noted that non uniform cores and irregular braid may compromise quality. Spanking device has to be soft and well band in any direction. Reliability of a device may be tested by grasping its handle and make a circle around its axis, if the tail drops smoothly and vertically and the angle does not change, that means you`ve chosen safe and reliable tool. Second key aspect is the efficacy of a spanking device. For deep action it is important that a device is heavy enough but not so as to injure internals. The third feature that should be mentioned is the surface of device. Textured and stiff leather with rough surface or rigid knots may leave marks on a partner`s body even at small amplitudes and force of impact. Deep action on subcutaneous tissues and muscles without leaving marks requires definite experience and skills. For the finale we wish to inform you on the safety from medical point of view and specify areas suitable for flagellation under proper approach and correctly selected device: Areas of safe impact are buttocks and upper of the back, the widest and thickest muscles, which protect human organs and bones from hits and injuries. Areas of selective impact. Such areas also have thick layer of muscles, but subcutaneous layer is pretty loose, so impacts with hard devices are inadmissible. Impacts with flexible tool must be effected with great care only by experienced experts. Areas of dangerous impact are loins, waist, belly; there are vital organs in these areas which are poorly protected by muscles and bones. It is better to completely refrain from experiments with these areas. But slide impacts with soft devices are admissible. Areas of sexual targeted impacts are crotch and breasts. Due to extra sensibility and poor protection of these areas it is recommended to use only maneuverable soft devices. Areas of critical impact are zones and points, strong impact on which may lead to irreparable consequences up to need of emergency medical aid. There are no compromises, any impact of any force with any devices must be eliminated. Such areas include internal surface of elbows and knees, thigh area near crotch, internal sides of forearms and armpits, areas of collarbone, neck and head.
  • 01 Apr Shibary History Shibary History
    Japan used to be isolated from other countries for a long time, which contributed to development of inherent and unique culture. Such authenticity was reflected in policy, religion, art and relations. Consequently, Japanese people formed a definite worldview on beauty and nature, where every act is a ritual, and every thing has sacral significance. Since the old days the Japanese lay special emphasis on ropes and knots, they are key elements of Japanese culture. Binding tradition goes back to medieval Japan - long and gloomy period of wars - where the criminal code was introduced which regulated four types of tortures of criminals and enemies - flagellation, pressing by stones, suspension on ropes and binding, the last of which were considered the cruelest, often with fatal outcome. Binding was included into required skillset of warriors, this martial art was named Hojōjutsu, which tecniques formed the basis for present-day Japanese bondage. With onset of peace time epoch the rope gradually ceased to be used as a deadly tool. Methods of punishment with rope were not able to injure, they acquired art qualities. Tortures turned into public show and had rather entertaining nature. At the end of Edo period in the early 1900, the martial art evolved into just the opposite of the military art. The engraver Itou Seyou released photo series called "punished women". The artist used similar photos as auxiliary images to create his engraves with Edo period tortures plot. Inspired by sadomasochism and kabuki theater, Itou Seyou did not receive proper recognition at that time, but he is rightfully considered as "the father" of shibari. Much later, artists of the latter half of the 20th century learnt by his early works. As is well known, the Second World War started in the middle of 20th century, and only after it was over the interest in erotic art was revived in Japan. Near to 60s this popularity increased so much as to create clubs, publish print media, revive Kabuki theater, which plays were filled with sex and tortures. And only in 1965, Osada Eikichi held the first professional shibari show in Tokyo. This moment is commonly believed as the revival of esthetic and erotic art of Shibari. The word Shibari comes from the verb "shibaru", which means interlacing, tight binding, which literally provides insight into the practices. This is literally. In very deed, shibari is very deep body practice, in which the person who binds is associated with the God, and the person who is bound entrusts his or her own destiny, since the capability to move, speak and even breathe is totally in the grasp of Master. The shibary essence is creation of piece of art where body is the canvas, and master`s rope is the paint, beauty, aesthetics and sensuality play lead role here. We will definitely tell you about aesthetic factors, psychology and safety in our next articles; and in the meantime enjoy lovely photos!