You are in the informational section of Fox Fetish store. On this page you may find all options of ordering.

Our Internet resource try to keep up to current trends in e-commerce by minimizing a manager interference into a customer order. This will save your time and reduce probability of errors inherent to telephone orders.

To order you may use the following options:

1) Standard ordering in basket - implies several stages (3-4 short steps) under which you must specify the details about customer, delivery method, preferred method of payment and inform the payer contact details. This option is available on PC, laptops, tablets, smart phones of any model.

When all fields are filled correctly and properly, a manager may not telephone you with detailing, you just have to pass to ordering and delivery.

2) 1-click ordering - this is so-called fast order, which is almost always means that we telephone you or contact by email and add missing fields. Fast order may be limited by only two fields filled by you - name (nickname) and mean of communication (phone number).

Attention! Some products are not in stock and we need some time to produce them by your measurments. Standart time of producing goods:

  • 1-3 weeks for furniture
  • 1-2 weeks for latex clothes
  • 1 week for leather accessories