Erotic clothes


We, Fox Fetish team, as specialized brandshop of intimate BDSM attributes, know that one of the key elements of sexual games is the appearance of your partner.

Clothing highlights key points in right places thereby creating appropriate atmosphere and image. Fetish clothing has various purposes and functions - some costumes conceal, others, to the contrary, strip, and thirds fixate specified parts of body. Tastes differ, but a passive partner is usually stripped at the most; this gives the appearance of helplessness and nakedness before the dominant party, whose body is covered with leather or latex.

But the submissive may be dressed, for example, in lingerie with lacing, belts and other attributes of a person who desires to be put in irons of slavery for the sake of bliss.

Those who desire will find personal model among numerous variety of teasing sexy clothes for amusing, passionate or aggressive role games. Whatever aims you pursue, erotic clothing always highlights your attraction and sexuality, helps to better get into role, you will feel confidence and sexuality in this garment, since such clothes don`t have a bar of embarrassment.

Our catalog presents wide range of standout, gaudy and, above all, high quality erotic clothes of latex, vinyl and natural leather - costumes , overalls, dresses and even lingerie, stockings and tights - all these will grant you new feelings from contact with your partner.

Choose garments according to your imagination, try new images, experiment and enjoy!

To buy latex clothes, please place your order on site or by telephone stated in the website header.

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